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Partnering with MapCoupon.com Map Coupon, MapBusiness.com Map Business Search … MapCoupon, MapBusiness & Mapwide.com MapWide Marketing Engine

Monday, November 7th, 2011

We at mapcoupon are marketing and networking online, with other social media and search companies. MapCoupon.com is part of the mapwide.com group of innovative professional portals. This includes mapbusiness.com, Mapcouponmapliving.com, mapdentist.com, mapdr.com and the other portals in Mapwide group.

Partnering with MapCoupon.com Map Coupons, MapBusiness.com Map Business Search … Networking with MapCoupon, MapBusiness & Mapwide.com MapWide Marketing Engine / Directory Guide. We are looking for Affiliate Marketing & Executive Sales professionals.

We have a great search partnership,  SEO marketing – co-branding opportunities with us.

Map Coupon is helping businesses, new companies and consumers connect.

Mapwide.com is a local search engine with a group of web / mobile portals that is marketing and networking with marketing professionals – as well as B2B PR marketing companies and businesses nationwide. Mapwide is looking to partner with other innovative technology and marketing sales companies. Part of mapwide.com is our vertical portals such as Mapbusiness. Map Business mapbusiness.com is helping local businesses to market online. Mapbusiness.com is marketing and networking with local sales advertising professionals. Great income opportunity, to partner with us.





Please contact info@mapwide.com for more info.

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